Give Up Your Seat

While on the bus, an older gentleman clung on to the standing rail along the aisle above his head. His eyes surveyed the area around him for an empty spot as he held on with all his strength. His eyes were filled with fear. Fear that one can only assume was of losing balance and crashing to his feet.

Minus the mothers with young children, there were several people his junior sitting in all of the seats. Not one gave up their seat. If we hadn’t been packed liked sardines and my seat was closer up to where he stood, I would have gladly given him my seat. 

Everyone around him stared at their cellphones and books, pretending to be unaware of anyone around them. No one saw the fear. After several blocks, he finally got a seat. A sense of relief filled his eyes.

What ever happened to the notion of helping those in need? Or just plain common courtesy? What happened to social etiquette and being kind to others? Do you give up your seat or do you pretend to be engrossed in your gadget or book?


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