Where’s Your Cardigan?

After attending a few of my shows at the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend posed an interesting question, “Why do musicians wear cardigans?” I looked at him dumfounded for a second, not really registering the question. “What are you talking about?” I asked him while taking a sweeping look of the theater. My band mates were all wearing cardigans. The sea of indie musicians mixed in with the concert goers were all wearing cardigans. Could this be a fad or counter-culture requirement? Could the cardigan be to the indie musician what the black skinny jean and black-framed glasses are to the hipster? Looking through my show shots, there is always an indie musician wearing a cardigan. Could this be evidence?

Why do I wear a cardigan? I have to admit; I have quite a few in my closet. Fancy ones, warm ones, short-sleeved ones for the summer; too many for sure. Well, for one thing, most of the venues seem to have heat control issues. The air conditioning usually feels like it’s on high blast, despite it being mid-December. As a flutist, being cold leads to chills and frozen fingers, a combination that makes it rather hard to play. Not to mention, cold equals intonation problems, too.

I guess I could also see that some musicians use it as a comfort zone aid. Getting up on stage to perform your music or someone else’s can be a vulnerable and cathartic experience. So, yes, an adult security blanket could also be the hidden guise of the oh so popular cardigan. To my musician friends out there, what are your reasons for wearing a cardigan? Same question to my non-musician friends as well. It would be interesting to see the significance this clothing staple has in our lives.


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